Welcome To Exile

The few things I love: My girlfriend, my dog, Indiana, Hardcore, Friends, Family. Photography, Design, Beer, Video Games, and Hangouts.
The many things I hate: Everything else.

I don’t even know how this works? I’m bored as hell though.
Weird weather and gnarly skies.  (Taken with Instagram)
Dr. McGillcuddy always wins.  @landonmandon @fistfullofjhnsn  (Taken with Instagram)
Caffeine fiend. #redballs (Taken with Instagram)
Are you willing to stand up and fight for your life, your friends, your family?!  (Taken with Instagram)
#nationalboyfriendday (Taken with Instagram)
Since this is a photo app, figured I would actually start posting some of my actual photography instead of Juggalos.  (Taken with Instagram)
@dresdenthebarbarian showing some love! This guys artwork is original, jaw dropping and dope as hell. I suggest you all go follow him and check his stuff out if you know what’s good for you. #forvalhalla (Taken with Instagram)
Take notes suckas! #textswithmike (Taken with Instagram)
Who just got Abobe CS6 for $20. This guy right here. πŸ˜πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ (Taken with Instagram)